Tips For Making A Beautiful Mother's Day Flower Arrangement

If you are an adult who is struggling with coming up with an idea to show that you love and cherish your mother on Mother's Day, one idea that you could consider is creating a floral arrangement for your mother. Here are some tips for making a beautiful Mother's Day flower arrangement.

1. Choose Complementary Shades

One option is to choose complementary shades of colors to really draw the eye to your arrangement and ensure that it looks amazing. One popular color combination is yellow and purple. If you put flowers of these colors in a neutrally colored vase, you will be able to avoid drawing the eye away from the complementary colors that you have chosen. Once you have a color palette chosen, consider taking wooden stakes and wrapping ribbons around them that are the same color as the flower that you have chosen. At the tops of the wooden stakes, tape small words that describe what your mother means to you or things that you love about your mother. This is a great way to draw your mom's eye and show that you truly do care.

2. Choose a Single Flower

If your mom has a single flower that she loves above all else, create a bouquet that consists of just that type of flower. However, in order to make sure that this type of arrangement does not look too plain, you will need to first build a proper base of greenery. This means finding leafy greens that you can add that will make up the base of your arrangement. These greens will have the effect of making the colored flowers that you do use pop and look amazing.

3. Make Smaller Bouquets and Place Them All Over the House

Finally, one last idea is to make a series of smaller bouquets and place them all over the house. This will take the pressure off of you to make a single fantastic bouquet of flower and instead allow you to decorate the entire house. Choose small pots and a flower theme. For example, orchids grow well in single pots and have a dash of color that will brighten up any room. Make sure that you include enough water for these flowers to last for a few days before needing to be re-watered. The last thing that you want is for your mom to have to do more work to take care of the flowers.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in flower arrangements (like Forest Hill Florist).