Three Tips For Getting The Most From Your Wedding Flowers

Making the floral arrangements for your wedding can be a seemingly overwhelming task to undertake due to the assortment of factors that must be considered. During the hectic planning phase, it can be easy for individuals to make some oversights when it comes to the flowers that will be used. To help you avoid overlooking some factors that can compromise the look and feel of your wedding's decorations, you should make sure to keep the following tips in mind when it comes to your flowers.

Use Flower Colors To Add Highlights To Your Wedding's Theme

It is common for individuals to plan weddings around specific colors or themes. However, it can be easy to become too committed to a particular color set. If you make this mistake it can cause you to only use a couple of colors in your decorations, and this mistake can lead to dull and boring decorations. When choosing flowers for your wedding, you should make sure to choose ones that act as highlights to breakup your dominant color scheme. For those that are not familiar with color theory, it may be worthwhile to consult a color wheel. The contrasting colors for your theme will be on the opposite side of the color wheel from your dominant colors, and they can help to break up your color theme without conflicting with it.

Keep The Venue Cool

It is probable that the flowers will need to be set up several hours before the wedding is scheduled to start. Unfortunately, flowers do not handle hot temperatures very well, which means that you will need to keep the venue as cool as possible.

For those that will be holding the ceremony outside, it may be worthwhile to invest in misting fans. The mist from these fans can help to keep outdoor flowers cool and hydrated, which can help to ensure that they are still beautiful after being outside for several hours.

Opt For Potted Flowers

When choosing the flowers for a wedding, it can be common for individuals to assume that they can only use cut flowers. However, those that are environmentally conscious may want to limit the amount of cut flowers that they use due to sustainability reasons. Luckily, you should be aware that there are some florists that can help provide you with potted flowers for decorations. These flowers can easily be reused from one event to another, which can help to make them the more environmentally friendly option for decorating your wedding venue.

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