How To Decorate With Fresh Flowers All Year Long

Fresh flowers in the house signify optimism and love of nature. Their colors are hard to duplicate in fabrics and paint, whether subtle or bright. To keep your home cheery all year long, or to give as gifts, you will want to check out these flower ideas.


One of the good things about autumn gray and drizzly skies is that they make the fall leaves look even more brilliant. Since fall is also a time associated with harvest and prosperity, you will want to bring some of that warmth and color inside. Dahlias, zinnias, marigolds, zinnias, and aster are seasonal flowers that usually are inexpensive this time of year.

If you want to splurge for a pretty fall bouquet you may want to mix and match these flowers and plant material:

  • Deep orange roses,

  • Golden daisies,

  • Oak leaves,

  • Seeded eucalyptus, and

  • Wheat


Snow, ice, gray skies, and the dark silhouettes of bare trees make people crave brilliant bits of color and shiny metallic things inside and out. Some years you may want glitz, glamour, or elegance, and the next year your thoughts maybe of coziness, handmade gifts, and family. It's all good.

Popular flowers for winter are forget-me-nots, tulips, and bells of Ireland. A striking and pretty arrangement may be made with:

  • White lilies,

  • Blue hydrangea,

  • White oriental lilies, and

  • Purple statice.

A Christmas bouquet may be look great in a dainty ceramic serving bowl or circling candles in the middle for a table centerpiece. These flowers and items can make for a festive bouquet:

  • Creme roses,

  • Red carnations,

  • Magnolia or oak leaves, and

  • Pine Cones.


Spring hasn't begun for most people until the daffodils and dogwood flowers bloom. Other spring flowers are tulips, peonies, and hyacinth.

The show outside don't have to stop at the door. You and your friends may have gardening on your mind, so small basket gift of container plants may be appreciated at this time. A pretty combination would include:

  • African violets,

  • White or pink pansies, and

  • Yellow begonias.


Flowers for summer include snapdragons, English lavender, and irises. A handful of sunflowers cheerfully thrust into a clear glass vase with seeded eucalyptus and cattails makes for a cheery addition to a side table.

For something a little more elegant try:

  • Ivory peach roses

  • Pink tulips,

  • Starburst tiger lilies, or

  • Mauve Irises.

All Year Long Tips

Roses, orchids, and gardenias are popular all year long. Whenever you make a bouquet or buy one, the most arresting arrangements make good use of the negative space. Negative space is the "empty" space around objects, and a round thick clump of flowers with no variations in space can be boring.

A good design color tip to remember is that if you want a warm toned bouquet, one item with a cool color will make increase the "temperature" of the other colors. Likewise, to increase the cool freshness of a bouquet, add something that has a slightly warmer color.  A variety of textures also adds interest.

Who would enjoy some fresh gorgeous flowers? Just about everyone. For more help with your questions and concerns, contact a company such as Ciano Florist with any questions or concerns you have.